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Cuteyloops Body Shapers, Shapewear, and Waist Trainers burn fat, help with weight loss, make you lose about 2-3 sizes instantly. Personal assuredness, emotional balance, our personal relationships with others, success and a blooming contentment about us in general, are qualities that are only possible when we feel and perceive ourselves marvelous. Cuteyloops, a leader in the development of control garments, understand this much needed concept. These intelligent garments lift up and help reduce all those extra liquids and adiposities being stored in your body. There is a new innovative technology called BIO-CRYSTALS, which breaks down the much unwanted cellulite build-up while improving blood flow circulation. There are also specialized post surgery garments, which are vital for corporal control which provides an excellent recovery process. This way Cuteyloops Reshaping accompany women in their day to day life, making their bodies become a reflection of their beauty, health and well-being.

Cuteyloops Reshaping is located at 1759 RiverOaks Drive (Ringroad Plaza 159th Street, next to T-Mobile), Calumet City IL 60409 - Open Monday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm & Sunday By Appointment. If you want to come before or after hours, please call or text 312-399-4741 to set up an appointment, we will happily accommodate you.  

Cuteyloops Reshaping will come to your home too for a fee!

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Phone: 312-399-4741 Fax: 631-498-0324

Email: [email protected]

Light and Medium Compression Body Shapers and Shapewear-  These are reducing garments manufactured in Lycra and Nylon with gradual compression.

-They help reduce the corporal volume within the abdomen area, waist, back, legs and hips.They are comfortable, smooth and light.

-The thermo latex wide band in the abdominal area elevates body temperature and generates perspiration thus accelerating the process of body reduction.

-The interior cover made out of natural cotton fibers within the abdominal area absorbs the humidity and offers comfort.

-Flat seams to avoid marking on the skin. Recommended for daily use.

Strong Compression Body Shapers and Shapewear - Garments made with advanced technology available "Web Shape" fabric and fibers that provide special benefits on high resistance, elongation and corporal reduction.

-They help eliminate located fat on the abdomen, waist and hips

-The Thermal Zoned Body Shapers have a wide band made of latex on the abdomen that increases the body temperature generating sweat which speeds up the process of corporal streaming.

-It has an internal lining on the abdomen made of natural cotton fiber that absorbs the humidity and gives total comfort.

-It has flat seams to avoid marks on the skin. Recommended for daily use.

Extreme Compression Body Shapers and Shapewear- Garments manufactured in powernet and latex. Due to their net weaving, it allows the body to breath and offers high resistance and durability.

-The latex wide band on the abdomen increases the body temperature and generates perspiration which accelerates the process of corporal reduction.

-The interior cotton fiber lining on the abdomen absorbs the humidity and offers comfort.

-Maximun compression garments.  Manufactured with flat seams to avoid marks on the skin. Recommended for daily use

Bio-Crystal Body Shapers and Shapewear- Garments with bio-crystals helps reduce cellulite, tone your skin to reduce flap, and improve circulation.

-Reducing garments manufactured in Lycra and Nylon, which offer maximum comfort softness.

-Special design that offers volume control for the abdomen, waist, back, thighs and hips by using several grades of compression.

-The designs shape and lift up the buttocks.
Flat seamless garments for no marks on the skin. Recommended for daily use.

-Recent studies show that the color purple used in our Seamless garments is completely invisible even under white or transparent clothes.