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How do I put on Cuteyloops Body Shapers? Step into the shapewear and wiggle it straight up vigorously. Do not dig your nails into it, lay your fingers flat.

How do the Body Shapers get washed? Hand wash and air dry. DO NOT PUT YOUR BODY SHAPERS IN THE DRYER

How long does it take to get results? If you wear a strong or extreme compression body shaper everyday, you will see a difference within 3 weeks. 

What level of Compression/Control is best for me? It depends on your comfort level and the level of compression you want (Medium, Strong, and Extreme compression levels)

Is there a shipping fee? Shipping is FREE

How often should the Cuteyloops Body Shapers be replaced? They should be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

How often should I wear my Body Shaper? You should wear your Body shaper everyday.

How will I know the correct size? Check out the measurement chart.

Can I wear a size smaller than I should? It depends on your comfort level, the level of compression, and the style of the Body shaper/Shapewear. If you are on the border, it is recommended you go a size up.

Can I try on the shaper at the store? We recommend you wear your highwaist leggings or highwaist stockings if you want to try on the sample Bodyshapers for sanitary reasons.

Can I exercise with my garment on? Yes, absolutely!